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  • Aug 15, 2016

Advance E-Water Descaler

Review & Applications In Dairy/Process Industries

Magnetronic Technology is a unique descaling solution for dairy and process industries without wastage of water with energy efficiency...

We know a 100% successful eco-friendly technology is still a subject of research but main benefits of this are prevention and control of lime scale up to 60-90%, which depends on ground water quality.

  Awareness is not only for industrial application but also for commercial buildings, hotels and homes. Routine applications are ‘must’ for reducing wastage of 60-70% of waters in R.O. plants or softener plants. Use softener plant only for treating the specific equipment only and for other routine application usage of Advance E Descaler saves lots of water and running expenses.

  Each and every personal residence water system can be free from water problems by utilising this advanced technology. Owners are very happy due to reduction in routine maintenance and running expenses for maintaining swimming pools, spas, hot tub systems and water heaters.  The thermal efficiency of solar heater and other hot water heating systems is weakening with scale build-up and corrosion problems. Thus, this advanced technology saves energy by keeping heat transfer surfaces free from insulating scale.

  Furthermore, no chemical or sodium additives and resin required and nothing is removed, there is no wastage of water that reduces water pollution of the environment, natural minerals remain in water and this is a healthier water treatment system than conventional means.

  A terrific amount of wear and tear occurs in plumbing fixtures in chemical industries, dairy industries and commercial equipment due to water and other fluids in these systems causing corrosion and scale build-up. As a result, scientist and researcher focus towards more energy efficient, eco-friendly water treatment equipment, which reduces wastage of water, limited use of chemical additives, so an important discovery was made: treating fluids with a properly engineered magnetic field is effective in preventing the formation of scales in many dairy process and equipment systems.

  Algae, which usually grow on cooling tower in the open air and in swimming pools, die rapidly under the effect of the Ultrasonic High Frequency treatment. Well, these technologies are successful only if designers take care during design stage – and after careful study of specific geometrical locations and quality of ground water available for treatment. Why many researchers claim that not a successful technology exists in India? Because of inadequate information of Magnetronic Technology.


Technological benefits available with this method
• Elimination of scales in evaporators, chillers, heat exchanger, which build up due to high temperatures
• Decrease of oily or saline deposits in piping systems
• Improve bactericidal functions of sterilizer
• Increase velocity of reagent (chemical additive) diffusion
• Enhance in the effectiveness of ion exchange resin (water softening)
• Subtraction of fine ingredient part in the purification of recycling waste water
• Enhance rate of the solidification of certain cements concrete mixture
• Increase in the elasticity, plasticity, density and strength of waterborne materials.
  Eco Friendly treated water, also called ‘E -water’ is widely suitable for routine water applications i.e., for boilers used in all purposes. Enhance the life of various pipes and plumbing used in different dairy, oil, coal and mining industries.

About Advance E-Magnetic Technology
  Advance E-magnetic water treatment is very old technology, and have been successfully practised from more than two decades in many European Countries, USA, UK with considerable water saving with economic and industrial benefit. The advanced magnetisation process has widespread use in almost every industrially developed country for various water related applications.
  E-Magnetic Technology is very successful in the US, and many other countries, but fails in Indian environment. Several companies have



started manufacturing magnetic units of varying designs but effectiveness often varied – with limited success. The reason is that the design was done without in depth research and geographical consideration. Also, devices which are designed without adequate data, leads towards failure. The success of the product is largely dependent on acceptance of the new advanced technology.




  The type and quantity of liquefy and undecided matter contained in raw water be different, quality of raw water depends on the source, such as borewell, river, pond, canal or well, and notably from one geographical area to the next. The foremost suspended materials in water are silica, iron, calcium, magnesium, and sodium compounds. Metallic constituents occur in various combinations with bicarbonate, carbonate, sulphate and chloride radicals. In solution, the metal ions carry a positive charge (cations) and the bicarbonate, carbonate, sulphate, and chloride ions are negatively charged (anions). Scaling occurs when calcium or magnesium compounds in the water (hardness compounds) precipitate and adhere to the internal surfaces on the container.


  When these suspended particles precipitate, however, they become neutral sludge, which can be flushed out of the system, in many cases by the normal movement of the solution.

Advance E Magnetic Water Treatment
  The basic principle is that when water containing hardness is passed through the E- magnetic field, the electrochemical nature of the ions is changed so that precipitation occurs in a different way than is experienced with untreated water. This phenomenon has been scientifically investigated thoroughly throughout the world, and has been recognised for many years.

Some specific applications
Smart building water systems
  These applications include: building water systems, solar hot water systems, swimming pool, spa and hot tub systems, and boiler systems.

Boiler systems used in dairy and process industries

  If all types of boilers are equipped with a E-magnetic system then successful elimination of scale formation and corrosion is possible, without the use of other chemicals for treatment. After E-magnetic treatment, boiler matter does not, when heated, produce a hard scale on the walls of the boiler or in heating pipes, but rather a loose sludge which settles to the bottom and can easily be removed, or flushed by a simple blow-down without acidic treatment.

  Even one can obtain results with very polluted grades of water as there is reduced tendency towards scaling after the water has passed through the E-magnetic field.

  E-Magnetic treatment is already widely used in boilers for all purposes. The advantages over conventional treatment are: that no chemicals are needed and no analysis of the water is required. The labour requirement is severely reduced as compared with the constant attention required by conventional dosing and ion-exchange plants.

  Moreover cost-savings advantages with low boiler maintenance.  Different types of boilers and installations will benefit in different areas and to different degrees depending upon their particular circumstances and functions.

Cooling towers and condensers and evaporators used in dairy industries


  A cooling tower loses water all the way through evaporation (to attain cooling) and through drift let system (droplets passed away by wind and fan). Thus, water has to be added to compensate for the loss. Since all cooling water contains dissolved solids, unless previously removed, the evaporation will concentrate these dissolved solids in the cooling systems. High concentrations will result in scale formation in the heat exchanger and in the tower.

  Heat Exchanger – A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat between two media, while keeping them physically separated. Particularly In dairy refrigeration system it removes from the compressed refrigerant gas, the heat of compression and the heat absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator.

  The refrigerant is hereby converted back into the liquid phase, so the heat exchanger is properly called a condenser. Deposits on tubes in a condenser cause a tremendous loss of heat transfer efficiency resulting in inefficient cooling of the refrigerant which in turn causes higher compressor head pressure. Higher head pressure will create a large increase in power consumption.

For Agriculture and Bore water



Why do you adopt this technology?
  Only Reason is Reduce Water Wastage in all routine work.

1 Financially viable technology
  Clients using E- magnetic cooling tower water treatment can manage with extremely minor operating resources because of:
• Low water consumption (reduced or no blow down)
• Energy savings (less power consumption)
• Drastically reduced maintenance
• Purchase of chemicals eliminated

2 Green eco friendly technology
• Environmentally clean cooling tower (no drain dumping cost and drastically reduced septic tank load).
• Fulfilment by means of local pollution agencies and pollution control board. Authorities are starting to prohibit the dumping of chemicals in the sewer system.
• Pollution control inspectors restrict to work unqualified personnel working with dangerous and toxic chemicals such as acids, chlorine, and chromates.

  Wherever water or other natural fluids need to flow through industrial equipment and systems, magnets can prevent costly decay of components and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of system functions. Among these additional known and proven applications, are river and ocean-going vessels; pipes in the oil, coal and mining industries; flotation pulp for removing dust in pits, mines and ore concentrating plants; water for preparing cement; water softening systems; water purification in recycling of waste water.

  Advance E-Water Technology lasts for many years when properly designed with proper Magnetronic System.
• Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient and Easily Repairable Technology.  
• Latest Technology based on your water Quality report.
• Green Point Rating can be obtaining in your premises.
• No Chemical or Salt or Resin Required.
• Fit and Forget - Zero %  Maintenance.
• No Filter Replacement or Running Cost 
• Device life more than 15 years 
• Change any Parameters as per your Requirement and Applications.
• Reduce Lime scale & Corrosion & Rusting
• Increase efficiency of all process industries
• (Boilers, Heaters, Cooling towers, Chillers, Ice Plants, Heat Exchanger and many more.
• More Growth in Food crops & Agricultural Products up to 60-80%.
• Ideal For Poultry Farms and Cattle feed Owners.
• Improve water quality for bath make silky hair and skin, reduce soap consumption Detergents
• Protect Luxuries Bath Fittings and swimming pool.
• Ideal for Kitchen, Laundry and showers in Luxuries Hotels and Resorts.


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