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  • Sep 15, 2016

Installation-Ready systems

Ruby Hall Clinic installs grooved piping system in new Hinjewadi hospital...

Engineers and contractors working on the new Ruby Hall Clinicmulti-specialty hospital in Hinjewadi required a piping system that could be installed fast to reduce downtime and interruptions, and that featured components that could beeasily maintained in the future.

  They chose Installation-Ready systems from Victaulic, the world’s leading producer of grooved mechanical couplings and pipe-joining systems, to join the hot and chilled water piping systems, providing fast, clean and safe installation in the mechanical room, while flexible couplings were installed to accommodate expansion and contraction on pumps and chillers.

  Ease of installation and maintenance – to minimise patient disruption - were critical factors in the selection and Installation-Ready systems proved fast, clean and safe. With no noxious fumes or flames to consider, the rapid joining grooved piping system provided a major advantage over other traditional joining methods such as welding.

Installtion Ready System

The new Ruby Hall Clinic multi-specialty hospital in Hinjewadi chose grooved mechanical couplings and pipe-joining systems...

  “In today’s healthcare facilities there is no time for downtime, especially when it comes to vital systems such as HVAC, plumbing and fire protection,” says Pankaj Soni, Victaulic Country Manager India. “As the pace of the healthcare construction industry continues to grow, there is a necessity to look to building methods that make maintenance and facility expansion easier to implement, with minimum disruption to the peaceful healing environment.”

  In recent years, timescales for construction and repair have become increasingly tight with patient needs at the forefront. Grooved piping system assembly requires no hotworks and eliminates many of the risks traditionally associated with joining pipe, and even allow healthcare or other activities to carry on unhampered in surrounding areas of a facility. For instance, work can continue safely with patients still in beds, and only the need to empty the most nearby wards.

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