• Cooling India
  • Sep 29, 2016

A few Tips to reduce AC electricity consumption:

1) Ideal Temperature

In an air conditioner, higher the temperature that you set, lower is the electricity consumption. We have observed that 25 degree celsius is an ideal temp for cooling comfort. If you set the temp lesser than 25, then your ac will consume more electricity.

25 Degree

  Using fans helps to regulate the cooling of the ac throughout the room. However, if the roof of your house is directly facing the sun, then avoid using fans along with air conditioners.

2) Placement of outdoor unit

If the outdoor unit of your AC is installed at a place where it gets a lot of heat from the sun , then the cooling of the ac will be reduced. Also make sure that the outdoor unit is not placed in a cluttered space for maximising its output.

Outdoor Unit

3) Insulation

Air conditioners are meant to cool enclosed spaces. So it is very important that the heat entering the room through the walls, ceilings and windows should be minimised. For doing that, you can white-paint the roof of your house, or use thermal insulation for the ceiling. Thermal insulating wallpaper can also be used for the walls of the room. Keeping the doors and windows closed and using curtains will help in insulation.

Thermal Insulation Wallpaper

4) Maintenance

Clean the filters of the ac before start of the season as unclean filters block the air inflow. Also make sure that you don’t miss out on the Annual Maintenance Contract


5)Use Energy Efficient models

AC’s are graded by the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency using a rating called the BEE rating .


A model with a 5 star rating is highly energy efficient and consumes less power than a 4 star model which in turn is better than a 3 star graded unit and so on. Therefore it is advisable to buy an air conditioner with a 5 star rating and thereby save on electricity.

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