• Cooling India
  • Mar 15, 2017

Publisher's Letter

Growth Momentum

Hello and welcome to another issue of Cooling India. In the previous issue I had mentioned about the urgent need for robust cold chains in the country. In this issue, which will be distributed to the visitors at our booth at ACREX 2017 in Noida, I would again like to dwell upon the importance of cold storage and the need to have many such stations across the country.

  India is a country which produces abundant food and we are the leaders in milk production. Having said that we still are ranked quite high in the list of Global Hunger Index, as mentioned in my previous note. Cold chain technologies have been in use for more than six decades now. In the US and Europe it has been used since the fifties in the development of agricultural supply chains for meat, fish, horticulture and dairy products. This was along with the growth of mechanical refrigeration industry. The story is completely different, however, in developing countries.

  The produce of fresh fruits and vegetables have to be stored for a longer period of time in temperate countries, where production is confined to short growing seasons. With growing industrialisation and people showing more interest in converting their agricultural land to real estate business, and with increasing cost of fuel and fertilizer, there is more than 25 to 30% wastage of food produced -- they being perishable. This is all the more reason for countries like India to have more cold storage facilities.

  Hopefully, there will be more interest on cold storage facilities by visitors at the upcoming exhibition in Noida. Interestingly, this year’s focus of the exhibition is “Make in India – Infinite Opportunities for HVAC&R and the Building Services Industry”  envisioned around promoting the infinite potential the HVAC & R sector has to offer ant the tangible benefits various sectors can avail of through a robust public-private partnership. As always, Cooling India will be present at the exhibition. Our stall No. is F-8 in Hall 14 & 15. Our team, led by Jigar, will be there at our booth to help manufacturers in branding their products, be it through the print media, online or through various social media forums of Cooling India.

  I wish all the participants at the exhibition and the visitors a great success and I hope industry and government will come together in developing a robust system for developing and innovating the HVACR industry in general and cold storage industry in particular.

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Pravita Iyer
Publisher & Director
Member, Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)