• Cooling India
  • Apr 15, 2017

Publisher's Letter

Happy days for the HVACR industry will be here again....But till then reduce your expenses

Hello and welcome to another edition of Cooling India. In Indian mythology it is said that Holi brings with it the summer. By the time you read this issue, Holi would be over and as they say in Greek, the dog days of summer has arrived. With the drastic change in climate worldwide, which was quite evident in many colder countries this year, the temperature has been rising steadily. I was in Canada for a month in the beginning of this year, which was supposed to be full of snow. But I can tell you people there were very worried because there was hardly any snow even in a place like Montreal.

  Scientists are more concerned because human being over the past two centuries have artificially increased the greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests. To be precise, CO2 and methane levels have gone up by about 36% and 140% respectively. Having said that, I can tell you there are certain things which are easy said than done. We live in a world where speed is of utmost important. Today, we are talking of setting up of Hyperloop travel between Indian cities that would be faster than the flight. I am though very skeptical about its launch in India.

  India has been witnessing tremendous growth since a decade in all the sectors. Airconditioned Metro railway is now being set up all across the country. India is attracting FDIs and with the thumping majority with which the Modi government has won the just-concluded Uttar Pradesh election, the growth story of India is unstoppable. The boost to the economy has given the HVAC industry a fillip, as they have become one of the core building blocks for modern infrastructure. This will only propel the HVACR industry by almost 20%. Though I would say the refrigeration industry needs a little more push.

  As mentioned earlier, victory in UP and other states has given the BJP more power in getting major bills passed -in the Parliament. I see an end to the recession mode. There was a dull period for the air conditioning industry in the 3rd and 4th quarter of the current fiscal. Some attribute this to demonitisation. However, I beg to differ because the currency ban was in any case during winter – a low sale period. The effect of GST on HVAC products will only be known when it is implemented later this year. But the prices are expected to go up. The industry hopes happy days will be here again for the infra industry. Finally, at tough times reduce your expenses. I would say keep your energy bills low by proper HVAC inspection, filter maintenance, etc. Running efficient HVAC doesn’t need to be complicated.

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Pravita Iyer

Pravita Iyer

Publisher & Director
Member, Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)