• Cooling India
  • Apr 19, 2017

Aspen Launches First On-Demand Condensate Pump

 Aspen Pumps, the UK’s market leader in condensate removal pumps, has launched the first on-demand condensate pump - the Micro-v i4. The next generation of condensate pump, the Micro-v i4 only operates as needed and as a result boasts cost and energy saving benefits, as well as quiet running and a longer life with a two year warranty. The Micro-v i4 mini pump does not use a breather tube so its saves even more space when trying to install into the tightest of locations. Featuring a worry and maintenance free plug-and-play installation, the Micro-v i4 can be installed in multiple orientations and operates on-demand so is never continually running.

  Ideal for projects where energy efficiency is a must or where high energy loads from existing plant are an issue, on-demand operation makes common sense, saving energy for the end-user and reducing carbon emissions. Designed with intelligent sophisticated controls and clever sensors that collect data, the Micro-v i4 adjusts switching levels and motor speed depending on the flow rate, thus ensuring, it is only working and removing condensate when it is needed.

  Suitable for high wall split systems, ducted units and floor standing and chassis AC units, the mini pump is ideal for installing directly inside the Air Conditioning unit. The Micro-v i4 does not use a breather tube and only one connector is needed when installing it in high wall units, further adding to its installation versatility.

  With sound levels a key comfort and health and wellbeing issue for end-users, the Micro-v i4 is almost silent at only 19dBA, which is below the sound of leaves rustling! This makes the pump ideal for high-spec applications where silence is key, such as hotel rooms or art galleries. The pump’s clever design features a soft start, so occupiers will be unaware of the pump gently starting and stopping, offering truly quiet running.

  Boasting a raft of smart controls, the Micro-v i4 is also the first pump available that features the convenience of a floatless sensor that is immune to contaminant build up. Plus to ensure the pump is installed correctly, clever integral controls give a visual indication confirming correct installation.

  Aspen Pumps' extensive range boasts the largest variety of condensate removal pumps for the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industry, with something suitable for every application. The pumps boast reliability, ease of installation, are the quietest on the market and all pumps have a free anti-siphoning device. Aspen Pumps’ continued success and achievements have been built by the hands-on experience of installation engineers, making Aspen Pumps the market leader in condensate removal.