• Cooling India
  • Jun 15, 2017

Good monsoon can push economy to near 8%

 Hello and welcome once again to Cooling India. We are in the midst of peak of summer with mercury touching 45 in some parts of the country. I hope monsoon hits the southern coast early next week and we get sufficient rainfall throughout the country. A good rainfall would definitely rein in food inflation. Also a well-dispersed rainfall would certainly increase the farm income, which in turn will lead to increased demand for consumer durables.

  The Indian economy is in the upward trend. We are doing much better than most of the economies, including China. At around 7%, and expected to touch 7.5% in 2017-18, the Indian economy is resilient with low inflation, fiscal prudence and low deficit. In fact, some experts see the economy grow to about 7.9% if the monsoon is normal and the global situation does not deteriorate. Better agricultural growth will provide the much-needed impetus to the overall economic growth.

  Increased food production coupled with proper cold storage facilities that has been initiated by the government will help boost the farm export sector. As I mentioned in my previous note, the government has taken up on a top priority steps to increase the cold chain projects in the country. Once completed, with a storage capacity of about 2.76 lakh tonne of cold storage, the large agricultural produce generated because of good monsoon will yield positive result in terms of generation of foreign reserves.

  As we discuss about good monsoon and cold storage, it is also important that our cold storage facilities adhere to proper safety measures and standards. In this issue we have an informative article on the safety measures and precautions that need to be taken into account while constructing and post construction of cold storage facilities. We also have an interesting article on how to conserve energy in clean rooms, which is so important in today's modern industrial environment. When we talk about environment, the quality of air we breathe can not be compromised . How to keep the indoor air clean and free of dust particles is dealt with in detail in an article on "The Environment in our Rooms". Hope you enjoy reading the issue as much as we have in putting it together for you. Wish you happy reading and good monsoon. Cheers.

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