• Cooling India
  • Jun 15, 2017

Danfoss Drives Fresh Sea Breeze at Silver Sea Food India

 Silver Sea Food is involved in seafood production as well as shipping, and given the perishable nature and short shelf life of seafood, Danfoss’ cooling machinery installations and systems ensure freshness and hygiene all along the food chain—from the source to the retailer and consumer. With total reliability critical to the brand, Danfoss brings 100% reliable cooling systems that score over competition.

  Danfoss helped Silver Sea Food’s cooling requirements for batch processing lines that work at -40° C for raw and uncooked products, and for quick freezing of cooked and value added seafood products. The Danfoss systems have helped save processing time and drastically reduced electricity costs through its variable frequency drives (VFD), with downtimes in installation, maintenance and servicing further driving efficiencies.

  In an industry where there is a staggering 30% wastage from the fresh catch, where globally 8% of the fish caught is thrown back due to damage, the importance of research and advancement in technologies can never be underlined or emphasized enough. Danfoss’ time- and field-tested innovations have proven to be a boon for cold chain automation systems and have helped clients like Silver Sea Food satisfy both the highly demanding domestic and quality-conscious export markets across the world.