• Cooling India
  • Jun 20, 2017

SC-ST-x - Smart Temperarture Controllers

 The new range of Smart Temperature Controllers offer tight control of heating, cooling and ventilation demand in modern building control systems such as hotels or office buildings. Depending on the chosen model, operation is either as a conventional thermostat or a P+I controller, with relay output switching or modulating 0-10V control signals for modern EC fans and actuators. Additional inputs include energy saving, configurable for either window contact or occupancy detector, and remote temperature sensing into the built in control strategy. The respective control parameters are available via the cost efficient 2-wire RS-485 bus, using the BACnet MS/TP protocol. This allows centralised supervision of HVAC systems, with defined local access into the control strategy which makes this range ideal for large building projects aiming for high energy efficiency and smart user interaction.


BACnet MS/TP over RS-485 communication

Control signal options: SPST relays on/off or 0-10Vdc modulating

Implemented control strategy

Input options for PIR sensor, window contact, remote sensor and more