• Cooling India
  • Jun 20, 2017

Haier’s FlexFit Pro Series Light Commercial Ductless AC Line

 Haier Ductless is launching a new ductless series designed for light commercial installation as well as large residential applications. The FlexFit Pro series offers a number of options to make installation and inventory easy."Available from 24,000 BTU to 48,000 BTU, the FlexFit Pro Series is the next evolution of our product assortment for North America," said Nick Shin, vice president and business unit leader, Haier Ductless. "The outdoor condenser unit can be used with three different types of indoor units for a wide variety of applications."


  • Flexible installation with long piping length up to 230ft., and 100ft. drop
  • 100% cooling Capacity at 0°F       
  • Low standby power at 4W
  • Outdoor unit quiet operating mode reduces noise below 45dB(A)

Cassette Indoor

  • Unique round-corner air outlet to eliminate blind spot
  • Individual airflow control of the 4 louvers
  • Optional intelligent eye for continuous monitoring and control for improved efficiency

High Duct Indoor

  • DC fan motor
  • Consistent airflow in wide range of ESP up to 0.6in.
  • Rear and bottom air return
  • Fresh air knock out

High wall Indoor

  • Sleek design with hidden LED temperature display
  • Up to 60ft. air throw distance
  • Quadruple-action pathogen filter

  Haier is one of the leading producers of HVAC products with capacity to produce 20 million units per year and with 10 percent of global market share.