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  • Jun 15, 2017

Dwyer SMART Air Hood Balancing Instrument

 The Series SAH SMART Air Hood Balancing Instrument is the most accurate and easy to operate air hood flow available in the market. By using the included hood stand and wireless communications to the handheld, a single operator can balance a branch in less time than traditional balancing teams. Besides being lighter than most traditional capture hood, the ergonomic design makes the Series SAH easy to manoeuvre with less physical stress.

  The rugged polypropylene base hood features patented Quad Flow Design Technology for controlling air flow and minimizing back pressure which yields superior measurement accuracy. The Wi-Fi direct communications gives reliable communication with a distance of up to 200 yards between the hood and the handheld test instrument.

  The SMART hood balancing instrument includes the PredictAir Application Software which reduces the number of steps in the air flow balancing process using Predictive Balancing’s Express Balance mode. Predictive balancing is a method of predicting the optimal flow set point for each register and the other in which they should be adjusted.


  Patent pending Quad Flow Design Technology directs the circulating air patterns to provide a more even air flow that minimizes backpressure enabling accurate readings.

  Predictive balancing is a process that guides the balancing technician on setting the optimal flow set point for each sequential terminal. With the PredictAir Application Software, the balancing process takes much less time than traditional air balancing methods.

  The ergonomic design is much lighter and easier to work with than the existing bulky air hoods, providing better manoeurability and less physical strain. One technician can complete the air balancing.

  Wi-Fi directs wireless communication provides a range up to 200 yards.


  Commissioning, testing, adjusting and balancing volumetric air flow from diffusers, grilles and registers in HVAC systems.

  ALM Engineering and Instrumentation Pvt Ltd is a brand ambassador for Smart Hood in India.

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