• Cooling India
  • Jul 19, 2017

Chilled Water Air-Handling System from Daikin Applied

 Daikin Applied's Rebel rooftop air handler features the 22 IPLV performance of an air-cooled chiller combined with flexible options to match the needs of specific chilled-water applications. The system features ECM fans, designed to provide up to 15% savings compared to traditional belt-driven fans.

  Building innovative and award-winning Rebel®heating and DX cooling packaged rooftop platform, comesthe new Rebel rooftop air handler. Combined with eitherPathfinder® or Trailblazer® air-cooled chillers, Rebel offersengineers and building owners a chilled water solutionfeaturing segment-leading technologies that provide fora complete single-sourced system. Capitalize on the 22+IPLV performance of an air-cooled chiller and combine itwith Rebel’s flexible options to precisely match client’s application needs.

Operate at higher levels of efficiency

  Imagine an air handler that reduces fan energy so much that you notice it in your energy expenses and see anincrease to your bottom line. Combined with the highperformance efficiency of our air-cooled chillers, Rebel doesjust that. With our embedded technologies:

• Gain up to 15% savings in fan energy with our ECMfans versus traditional belt-driven fans

• Increase efficiency 40% and exceed AHRI and ASHRAE90.1-2016 standards with a factory-installed energyrecovery wheel that captures and recycles lost energiesto produce better energy outcomes for your building.

  Rebel’s customizable design allows you to build a streamlined air handler with minimal options to fityour budget. Or, design a unique, high-performance air handler loaded with factory-installed features and options. The amount of customization is yours to decide. No surprises here – regardless of what design direction you choose, yourair handler will arrive on site as a complete packaged solution that’s ready to go.

Electronically commutated motors (ECMs)

  Rebel’s standard direct drive airfoil supply and exhaust fans maintaina 15% higher level of efficiency than traditional forward curved fans.Combined with ECM motors, the airfoil fans maintain this peakefficiency all through the maximum to minimum speed operating range.

  Additionally, the direct drive fans are low maintenance and reliable,eliminating traditional motor belt and bearing maintenance for the lifeof the rooftop unit.

Energy recovery wheel (ERW)

  Incorporating a factory-installed energy recovery wheel option recoversexhausted heat and moisture energy that is otherwise lost, to drasticallyincrease energy savings up to 40%. The ERW has a slide-out maintenancefeature that minimizes service time, an integrated unit controller that simplifiesoperation, and a single-point power connect that reduces installed cost.

MicroTech® III unit controller

  The factory-installed unit controller option simplifies startup and easilyties into Daikin’s Intelligent Systems® for a quick and easy BAS solution.BACnet® or LONMARK® communications can also be used for integrationwith an existing BAS. Displayed diagnostics are in an easy-to-read andintuitive interface that quickly identifies components requiring troubleshootingor service.

Supplemental heat

  Effectively handle your heating application demands from morningwarm-up, DAT tempering, or full heating control. Choose between afactory-installed modulating 10:1 natural gas furnace, SCR electric heat, ormodulating hot water heat option; all fully integrate into the MicroTech®III controller with discharge air control. By using the precise amount ofheating to match fluctuating building loads, Rebel’s heat options provideyou with better space temperature control for improved comfort andincreased energy savings.