• Cooling India
  • Jul 15, 2017

Publisher's Letter

 Hello and welcome once again to Cooling India. In the beginning of this month, US president Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord and thus invited severe criticism from several world leaders and environmentalists. For once, the developed world united in condemning the US decision. Many feel the Climate Accord, all about reducing global warming by a few degrees Celsius, was the best thing that could happen to humans on Earth.

  Even within the United States there have been many voices supporting the Paris Climate Accord. With regards to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, I must say there is complete support for the global cause. The Air conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has stressed that Trump's decision will not change the commitment of the HVACR industry to energy efficiency and environment stewardship.

  Similarly ASHRAE, a global society of more than 57,000 professionals in over 130 countries has categorically stated that it will not change or alter its commitment to accelerate the transformation to a more sustainable global built environment. In fact, recently the association announced a substantial investment in researching alternative global warming potential refrigerants. The US Green Building Council on its part is already working to address business risks from climate change and to adapt their businesses to domestic and global opportunities created around climate-mitigation needs. Its president and CEO Mahesh Ramanujam while expressing his deep disappointment has stressed that the world has reached the point where the transition to a low-carbon economy is inevitable.

  Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet US president later this month in Washington. The latter has blamed India for his decision to withdraw from the Accord. Despite Trump's overt skepticism on this issue and subsequent pulling out of the Accord, the two leaders may find a middle ground. Trump is feeling isolated and has realized that he is leaving a huge leadership vacuum in the world politics of climate. On the other hand leaders like French president Macron and Modi apart from Xi from China are taking the center stage by voicing the concerns. Thank goodness engineers spend every day looking for energy efficiency and less toxic solutions to real problems and stay out of politics of the Carbon hype. Lets wait for the outcome of the all important meeting later this month. Till then, wish you a very happy reading. Do send in your comments to me at pravita@charypublications.in