• Cooling India
  • Jul 20, 2017

‘Demand for green building products to touch USD 300 bn by 2022’

 The Government is working on the process of effectively procuring green products on the basis of 'life cycle costs', instead of L1 process followed at present, for government buildings to be built in future, said Ashish Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary, Public Works Department, Government of Maharashtra at the Conference on GreenPro organised by the CII. The demand for green products is projected to touch USD300 billion (or about Rs 19,80,000 crore) by 2022. India having the second largest green buildings in the world is targeting to increase its footprint to 10 billion square feet by 2022, from 4.5 billion (450 crore) square feet of footprint at present.

  “We are discussing with Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) on the process of procuring green products in the government and how to build competitive environment in which bidders can compete by writing contracts which makes life cycle costs become more relevant than just L1 kind of an understanding of procurement,” said Singh. Green buildings bring down energy and water consumption levels by 40-50 per cent by using environmentally sustainable products. Singh said, “About 70 per cent of India's infrastructure is yet to be built. We should not miss this opportunity.All government buildings that will be built in future in Maharashtra will be green buildings,” said Singh. The government has also decided to identify one iconic building in each of the six regions in the state for retrofitting and ensure that they are net zero (conventional) energy buildings,” Singh added.