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  • Jul 15, 2017

Automation Projects

Technology advancements are driving value in ‘Connectedness’, ‘Connectivity,’ IIoT and Smart solutions. Operators are increasingly embracing these solutions, but are still concerned about how cyber security is handled. Honeywell can resolve these complexities with greater simplicity. HPS is uniquely positioned to support our customers through the entire lifecycle of a process facility...

 LEAP for Projects began with Lean execution principles to eliminate waste by removing repetition, rework, and redundant tasks. Honeywell revolutionized automation project execution by extending this approach through simplification with independent workflows, standardized design, and enabling engineering to be done from anywhere in the world. Our original LEAP offering enhances our project implementation services with our most innovative, enabling technologies—Universal I/O process and safety cabinets, virtualization, Cloud engineering, and auto-device commissioning. This keeps automation off the critical path of your project.

The Evolution of LEAP

  LEAP for Operations utilizes the LEAP project methodology to optimize, simplify, and run operations more efficiently. LEAP for Operations extends LEAP efficiency principles to provide a step change in productivity and throughput once an automation project is implemented. LEAP has now evolved to apply efficiency to ongoing operations through edge device integration, Cloud-enabled execution, and universal and connected assets.

A Variety of Tools

  Our focused new product development programs have expanded our capability to address more project and operational challenges in both brownfield and greenfield applications. LEAP for Operations may include a variety of solutions with a flexible deployment strategy to bring more value out of operations. Solutions may include automated documentation, collaboration tools, integrated controllers, advanced alarm management, real-time analytics, proactive asset management, and Cloud-based execution with built-in cyber security.

Edge Device Integration

  Our flexibility in integrating both Honeywell and third-party equipment is second to none. Our SmartLine transmitters can be configured in the Cloud to be delivered with the configuration parameters pre-set and ready to go out of the box. We can detect and interrogate devices and quickly confirm that the configuration matches what was configured during the function design. We can add fire and gas assets both in the plant and the associated infrastructure, plus the skids that bring in feedstock and serve as fiscal metering stations. In short, we can add more.

Universal and Connected Assets

  Now, we have expanded what we do with devices by adding a broader set of universal and connected assets. Universal Channel Technology is now integral to the ControlEdge PLC and ControlEdge RTU, with increased integration to Experion. We have also created an Ethernet Interface Module allowing us to integrate other subsystems like the electrical control and management system (ECMS), motor drives, or other third-party PLCs on an Ethernet IP topology.

Cloud-Enabled Execution

  With Experion Orion Console, the operator can make use of any Experion functionality, such as advanced alarm management tools or the new embedded Profit Controller. We continue to improve our virtualization and cloud engineering tools, both for initial project development and future maintenance. Our Virtual Engineering Platform (VEP) serves as a virtual lab for testing without physical hardware. We can link initial configuration of the system designed in our VEP to Honeywell TRACE, which documents the initial plant configuration and readily manages and documents future changes or updates made to the system. Our project offering is enabled for cloud-based execution when appropriate.

Renowned Cyber Security

  When you buy an Experion system, you get cyber security right out of the box. This includes our control firewall for our devices, a firewall for third-party devices, and firewalls that protect the control system network from the rest of the corporate business network. Experion PKS is built to conform with ISASecure guidelines. We follow a certified development process when executing projects so that security is built in. We can limit access to critical functions by configuring the scope of responsibility for any given user. Plus, we can do network security reviews using any of our 70+ security experts around the globe. Honeywell offers a suite of world-class Industrial Cyber Security Solutions and ongoing Managed Services that help protect the availability, safety and reliability of industrial control systems and site operations.

Source: www.honeywellprocess.com/LEAPforOperations