• Cooling India
  • Sep 21, 2017

Optimized Heat Pumps for Heating

 The new i-NRG heat pump provides exactly the energy required by the system, perfectly following the real load of the building, thanks to the modulation of the DC inverter fan. One single unit for the highest efficiency, sustainability and huge savings, thanks, to the advantages of DC frequency driven fans and circulating pumps (inverter) for both plant and domestic hot water circuits. i-NRG is the new generation heat pump for all year round operation in any operating mode: single cycle (air conditioning, heating, domestic hot water) as well as combined cycle in total heat recovery (domestic hot water together with cooling). Domestic hot water production is guaranteed by the dedicated exchanger for heat recovery: total, for free domestic hot water production, or partial. Domestic hot water is stored in a properly dimensioned storage tank. The unit can be installed indoor or outdoor, thus ensuring complete flexibility. Extended operating limits for all year, especially, in heating: -Maximum flow temperature 60°C -Maximum external air temperature 45°C -Minimum external air temperature -15°C


Structure and base in hot-dip galvanised steel with epoxy powder paint finish.

High efficiency and low pressure drop stainless steel AISI 316 plate exchangers (at the domestic hot water side). It is positioned next after the compressor and it ensures the domestic hot water production. The unit has full or partial recovery system, with the constant optimization of efficiency through logic advanced adjusting controller

High efficiency and low pressure drop stainless steel AISI 316 plate exchangers meet the supply of both hot and cold water for the facility, regardless of the domestic hot water

DC inverter scroll compressor with self-adaptive capacity adjustment. Reduced inrush current due to modulation by an inverter.

Electronic expansion valve

Finned coils made with copper pipes and aluminum fins with large exchange surface area (100% fully quality tested)

Axial electric fan in continuous current housed in aerodynamic conveyor profile with safety grill.

Low external air temperature device: continuous fan speed regulation with pressure switch

The water circuit comes complete with:

Variable flow circulator plant side, the curves are selected by control. Class A energy efficiency

Variable flow circulator domestic hot water side. Class A energy efficiency.

Expansion tank

Safety valve

Pressure switch system side

Pressure gauge

Manual filling assembly


Wired room terminal with backlit display, and with temperature and humidity probe

Extension module for system configuration

Acoustic insulation casing kit (MANDATORY for outside installation)

Rectangular air ducts kit and grills for indoor installation

Electric heater of integration for the heating system

Electric heater for hot water cylinder, of integration and for anti-legionellosis

Cascade management kit

Serial card RS485 for ModBus

i-BT85 85 liters storage tank, to place under the heat pump

Buffer tank 35,100,200 liters

Hot water cylinder 300,500 liters

300 liters thermal store for domestic hot water, for DOMH2O kit

300,500,1000 liters thermal store for domestic hot water with solar heat exchanger, for DOMH2O kit

DOMH2O15 e DOMH2O24 kit for domestic hot water with external plate heat exchanger and pump