• Cooling India
  • Sep 15, 2017

Panasonic Acquires UK AC Equipment Distributor AMP

Panasonic Corporation announced that it has completed the acquisition of AMP Air Conditioning Ltd (AMP), one of the largest independent air conditioning distributors in the United Kingdom. AMP has a wealth of experience in providing air conditioning equipment, mainly for commercial use, as well as an excellent sales network. The acquisition of AMP provides Panasonic with an opportunity to expand its presence in the UK air conditioning market, which is the largest market for commercial air conditioners throughout Europe.

“Europe is a key region for our global air conditioning business. Panasonic is committed to being a strategic partner for AMP and we aim to expand our business in Europe through this collaboration,” said Toshiyuki Takagi, President, Panasonic.
Panasonic sees Europe, an environmentally conscious region with strict environmental regulations for air conditioning products, as a market where the company's energy-saving, environment-friendly and healthcare conscious technologies such as ‘nanoe’ can be fully exploited. The acquisition is part of Panasonic's overall strategy to expand sales, particularly of its commercial and industrial heating & cooling solutions.
“With AMP's know-how, Panasonic's strategy is to expand our business and services to their customers and provide even more comprehensive solutions. We look forward to welcoming AMP and its employees into the Panasonic family,” explained Makoto Takahashi, Chief Executive Officer, Panasonic Appliances Air Conditioning Europe (PAPAEU).