• Cooling India
  • Nov 24, 2017

Climaveneta’s Air Handling Units

 The Wizard series of Air-Handling Units incorporate the entire design experience of Climaveneta in order to fully satisfy all market requirements in the various sectors of application. Tailored though mass-produced industrial products, these high quality and reliable units guarantees total safety. The Wizard air handling units are suitable for both traditional application fields as hotels, museums, theatres, airports, banks, shops and specific sectors as hospitals, food industry, electronics or pharmaceutical industries and all the industrial applications with temperature or controlled-contamination processes.


  Different accessories and configurations are available as the brushless motors, the plate or wheel recuperators and the control systems for plug playunits.



  The range is made of 24 sizes for air flows up to 115.000 m³/h. The panels are 25, 42, 45 or 62 mm thick, according to the different kinds of application requiring different thermal and acoustic isolation. The sandwich panels are available in galvanized steel sheet, pre-painted or plastic-coated galvanized steel sheet, and aluminum or AISI 304 stainless steel sheet with isolation by injected polyurethane or mineral rock wool. The frame is made of aluminum profiles available also in thermal cut version, for a higher thermal isolation, and in internally rounded version for hospital application. Heat exchangers, filters, humidifiers, energy recovery systems, fans and any other component required in the units are selected to grant the best performances according to the customer requests.

‘EC’ Fans

  The option for fans with brushless motors allows for units with reduced dimensions. Controlled by means of a 0-10V signal even without a frequency inverter, these fans are very versatile and easy to be used.

Plug&Play Units

  As an option, a complete control system is provided to handle all the units functions. The electrical board is built-in and totally wired as all the control components such as 3-way valves, probes, damper motors and humidifiers.

Reduced Timing &Costs

  The plug & play units are ready to use without any further operation on site. Compared to the traditional AHUs, the easier and quicker installation of the plug&play units results in a strong costs reduction solution. All the signal and controls are verified and check with a final factory test before delivery. In case of units divided in sections, special connectors are provided to rebuild the signals lines on sites. These connectors are error-proof and don’t required qualified technicians.

Low Noise Emissions

  The Wizard units are designed to minimize the acoustic impact in each operating condition. In case of special applications, such as theatres, conference rooms or cinemas, it is possible to provide sound absorbing panels and customized sound attenuators.