• Cooling India
  • Feb 5, 2018

Heat Pump Sales Grow Significantly

 According to BWP Market, after setting a sales record in 2016, the heat pump market also grew significantly in the past year. For the first time, the brand of 70,000 units in heating heat pumps has been broken. In total, around 78,000 units were sold. The largest increase was recorded for air heat pumps: a total of 55,000 units were sold, which represents an increase of 20 percent compared to the previous year. As in 2016, monobloc units (31,000 units) were in particular in demand, with an increase of 24 percent. For split units, growth was slightly smaller at 16 percent. Erdgekoppelte systems (including groundwater heat pumps) increased with 23,000 devices over the previous year by 11 percent.

  The market share between ground-based heat pumps and air heat pumps hardly changed compared to the previous year: Air-source heat pumps accounted for the majority of heat pump sales at around 71 percent (previous year: 69 percent). Geothermal heat pumps and others are thus at 29 percent (2016: 31 percent). In total, around 800,000 heating heat pumps are now installed in Germany.  BWP Managing Director Martin Sabel is pleased: “17 percent plus is an excellent result for our industry. The heat pump manufacturers and specialist companies know how to harness the tailwind they get from the good conditions for pumping and the EnEV and can thus partly offset the many obstacles.”

  Sales of hot water heat pumps also grew by 8 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year, with 13,500 units sold. In total, 91,500 heat pumps were put into operation in Germany last year.

  For the current year, the association expects stable sales figures. Martin Sabel explains: "Of course, the MAP and the EnEV will continue to help us. On the other hand, there are signs that the new construction sector is not growing as fast as in the recent past. At the same time, too few consumers are turning to renewable heat in the building stock due to lower fuel prices. There would be the greatest growth potential there - and the real challenge for climate protection. "

  The heat pump industry continues to rely on sound, sustainable growth. In order for the heat pump to be able to assert itself in the modernization and thus also projects on a larger scale (large heat pumps, heating networks, district solutions) can be implemented, on the one hand the sustainable education of the homeowner, architects and planners on the benefits of a renewable heating system remains crucial and others the motivation and development of the trade.

Industry calls for relief of the price of electricity

  Against this background, the BWP Managing Director CDU, CSU and SPD urges to agree concrete and effective measures in the coalition negotiations. “Expensive electricity and cheap fossil fuels are the biggest obstacle to the success of the heat transition. If this malady is not eliminated, the energy transition as a whole can not be successful. The heat pump industry and the heating industry have come forward with proposals for solutions. In a joint position paper, BWP and BDH demanded in the summer that the electricity tax be reduced and that the industry's EEG rebates no longer be imposed on electricity customers.”