• Cooling India
  • Feb 5, 2018

Daikin VRV T-Series

 Daikin VRV is a modular, commercially applied air-conditioning and heating system that distributes refrigerant from the outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, providing efficiency, comfortable individual user control and reliability in one flexible package.The VRV Water Cooled system combines the characteristics of a water cooled system with the air cooled VRV system and still use the same VRV indoor units, similar refrigerant piping methods, branch selector boxes, and controls as air cooled VRV systems. The main difference is that heat is rejected or absorbed via the condensing units to and from the water loop instead of the outside air.


  The VRV Water Cooled T-Series offers an energy saving alternative to traditional centralized equipment. The system design is based on a modular design concept. It is composed of unified condensing units that require simply connecting a 2-pipe refrigerant network for heat pump applications or a 3-pipe refrigerant network for heat recovery applications. The condensing units are conveniently compact, which not only enables transport by elevator possible, but also effectively simplifies installation in mechanical rooms. This also saves a great deal of time and labor.VRV Water Cooled systems are equivalent to 2-pipe or 4-Pipe chilled water systems, but also offer a viable alternative to Water-Source Heat Pump solutions. Each connected Indoor Unit can provide heating and cooling independently to suit zone requirements making these systems suitable for both open plan, or cellular applications with different operation requirements.

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