• Cooling India
  • Oct 15, 2017

Makarand A Chitale, Director, Mist Ressonance Engg Pvt Ltd

Mist Ressonance Engg Pvt Ltd is pioneer in the field of Vacuum Generation & Revolutionary Mist Cooling System. The company is specialized in generating a fine water fog through Patented Mist Creator Nozzles & used for industrial hot water cooling as Energy Free Cooling Tower. The industry (was and) is still governed by consultants who usually prefer conventional technology. So, it is a challenge to divert their mindset from a conventional technology to a new technology, informs Makarand A Chitale, Director, Mist Ressonance Engg Pvt Ltd in an interaction with Cooling India…

Please tell us more about Mist Creation technology.

Very fine and tiny particles of water droplets generally sized below 100 Micron are referred as Mist. The simplest mist particles we all have witnessed while standing near the high water fall. When water falls from height hitting on rocks it breaks into tiny particle and very fine water particles get carried away with air breeze, of which we feel cooling and slight wet effect, are nothing but Mist particles. We create similar Mist through our patented technology of Mist creator Nozzles but at very low water pressure. The operating pressure range is 0.8 to 2 Kg/Cm2. Water is fed at required pressure to nozzles though which water comes out with whirling action with high velocity and forms fine mist.

According to you what are trends in cooling industry?

These days we all are witnessing shortage of rainfall year after year which leads to water scarcity & hence power generation shortage. Therefore, everyone is looking for economic and natural cooling technology. In coming days water cooling towers shall slowly shift to air cooled technology. And till then everybody is eying upon energy efficient cooling technologies. We are proud to mention that ours is green technology which does not require any power for cooling except circulation pumping nor maintenance.

What are the products and Services offered by you for HVAC & R Industry?

HVAC&R industry will have two types of chiller, one uses water cooled condensers equipped with cooling towers and other is air cooled chillers equipped with air cooled condensers. We offer Louvers type Mist cooling system for water cooled chillers where conventional cooling towers can be replaced with energy efficient mist cooling system. Due to its high efficiency huge amount of energy is saved on compressor motor of chiller and that to with ZERO fan power. In case of air cooled chillers, we are supplying our mist and cool system as a water spray support to reduce incoming air temperature. This is high pressure operating system uses very fine misting nozzles. Mist created instantaneously evaporates in air giving cooling effect. These misting nozzles are installed on periphery of condenser units for cooling incoming air. This helps to operate chiller at best efficiency giving compressor power saving.

What are the applications of this technology? Which sector does generate maximum demand for this technology?

It is applicable in all industries wherever process water cooling is required i.e. chemical, petrochemical, plastics, refineries, sugar, edible oil, oil and gas, HVAC&R, steel & power. HVAC&R, steel & power and chemical industries require large amount of water cooling.

What technological innovations would you like to incorporate in Mist Technology to make it more energy and cost efficient?

Every technology undergoes constant research and development activities so ours too. We are working on reducing on overall plot size requirement of our cooling technology without sacrificing on efficiency.

How is Mist Cooling Technology different than conventional cooling technology?

The most basic difference with MCS and conventional cooling towers is water sprayed in form of fine mist inside louver type chamber hence water gets two times to travel as against one way for cooling tower. Secondly water particle size is in <50 Micron in MCS and ~5 mm in conventional cooling towers. These water particle sizes make MCS most efficient and effective.

What are the Mist Cooling Projects accomplished by the company? What hurdles do you face during the completion of these projects?

Firstly let me tell you, carrying out research and catering to market demand simultaneously is indeed a challenging task. We achieved this by effective decentralization. We have two major sections in our company – one looks after existing business and other focuses on future business by getting involved in active R&D. Our company has survived on the basis of continuous research. Otherwise, it would have been extremely difficult for a new technology to endure. The industry (was and) is still governed by consultants who usually prefer conventional technology. So, it is a challenge to divert their mindset from a conventional technology to a new technology. That is the reason we have been constantly innovative. This is why we have completed over 300 projects worldwide so far and some major customers are Tata Consultancy Services, Aditya Birla group, ITC Paper, JK Paper, West Coast Paper, Raymond, D’décor, IOCL, Heavy water Board, Haldia Petrochemicals, IFFCO & many more. For completion or execution of such projects there were no hurdles because of the above mentioned organized way of functioning.

What challenges do you face while providing after sales service all over the country? How do you overcome the same?

As mentioned earlier or technology does not require any service for years together, as it does not involve any moving components inside. It requires simple cleaning of piping and nozzles after prolonged usage that too would depend upon water quality, and such cleaning job can be done by customer himself. So, as such there are no challenges in after sales service.

What is your outlook for cooling industry in India?

According to us, in coming days only green technology based and energy efficient cooling towers shall have more demand in market. At the same time considering year on year water shortage and increased water demand, a cooling tower technology in place of conventional water cooling towers, which combines air and water using much lesser water than conventional cooling towers shall be much economical to users as well as save water and power both.