• Cooling India
  • Jan 15, 2018

Rajesh Baliga, National Sales & Mktg Manager, Sekesui Foam International

Sekisui Foam International is the leading Japanese manufacturer of physically cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foam. Sekisui has been developing and manufacturing cross-linked polyolefin foam products and solutions to Australasia, Asia Pacific, Middle East and India. Rajesh Baliga, National Sales & Mktg Manager, Sekesui Foam International takes through the journey of the company in India, products and services during an interaction with Cooling India…

Please take us through your company’s journey in India.

Sekisui Foam International, the foam division of Sekisui Chemicals Co Ltd, Japan started operating in India in the year 2003 and has been in the Indian market for more than a decade now. SFI has two representative offices, one in Bengaluru and one in Mumbai and operates through its distributors network in Indian market.

What are the products and services offered by the company?

SFI offers thermal and acoustical insulation products for HVAC industry, which include duct thermal insulation, duct acoustic insulation, chilled water pipe insulation, insulation for AC units, floor and under deck insulation under various brands such as Thermobreak, Thermobreak Tube, Thermobreak Acoustiplus, Thermobreak No Clad and Softlon.
Please tell us about cross-linked polyolefin technology & its applications.

There are various ways of crosslinking the polyolefin foams and physical crosslinking is the most superior form of crosslinking the cells using the electron beam bombardment generated through high voltage current transformer which results in excellent cell size control resulting in skin finish to the product and good insulation properties. This technology was developed by Sekisui, Japan way back in the year 1967. This technology doesn’t use any peroxides or any chemicals for crosslinking and hence is very clean in its operation.

What are the growth drivers of your business? Which sector does generate the maximum demand?

Construction and HVAC manufacturing segments are the two main growth sectors for our business. These segments are the ones which generate maximum demand for our product range.

What kind of technological innovations would you like to incorporate in your products considering rising global temperature? Do you have R&D hub in India?

SFI offers latest products in line with the industrial and environmental requirement, which includes product with low thermal conductivity and higher life. Fire and environmental safety concerns are major parameters, which decide our offering to the global market as well as in India. Our R&D hub for the segments which we are addressing in India is located in Australia. This R&D centre caters to the Sekisui Group’s Insulation markets globally.

How would you differentiate Indian HVAC markets from the Global markets, while offering your services and products?

Indian HVAC market is fully aware of the latest happenings in the global scene and always looking for the latest of the product offerings with higher thermal efficiency, better fire, smoke and environmental safety standards, however, the regulations are the one which is missing in the Indian market due to which, pricing of the product is given more importance than any other parameter.

What opportunities would you envisage for your company with the Indian Government’s focus on development of infrastructure like smart cities, urban transportation projects?

With the Indian Government’s initiative, HVAC industry as a whole and we as insulation manufacturers are definitely going to have the opportunity to grow.

The Government of India launched ‘Make in India’ campaign in order to make the country manufacturing hub. Do you have any expansion plans?

The product line that we offer in the country is bulky in nature and attracts good amount of freight cost. With this scenario, SFI is continuously looking out for opportunity and are evaluating the possibilities to manufacture the same locally.