• Cooling India
  • Feb 15, 2018

Rohan Bellikatti, Regional Technical Sales Manager- South India & Sri Lanka, Lamilux India Pvt Ltd 

Lamilux Composites GmbH has been a family-run business for over 100 years and can look back at nearly 60 years of market and production experience in the manufacture of fiber‑reinforced composites. The company caters to the clients around the globe in a wide range of sectors, such as the automotive and recreational vehicle industries, refrigerated store room and cell construction, the construction industry and many other industrial sectors involved in glass or carbon-fiber-reinforced sheets or rolls. Due to our technologically-advanced continuous manufacturing process, our large manufacturing capacities and our wide product range, we as a medium-sized company are the leading European producer, informs Rohan Bellikatti, Regional Technical Sales Manager- South India & Sri Lanka, Lamilux India Pvt Ltd in an interaction with Cooling India…

Please take us through the journey of Lamilux in India so far.

Lamilux is a world leader in providing light-weight glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP)/fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) solutions for a wide range of applications. Lamilux has been offering solutions for customers in the Indian market for sandwich panel construction for truck bodies and many other applications through its subsidiary Lamilux India Pvt. Ltd. since 2009. Being played an integral role in developing the country’s cold chain in close association with the National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD), Lamilux remains committed to the Indian market with renewed thrust on market expansion and deeper penetration.

What are the major areas where you are catering to?

Lamilux is known for its innovation. In India, we are currently catering to reefer containers, dry containers, cold rooms and commercial vehicles.

What are USPs of your products?

There are a lot of advantages of GRP as compared to steel.

To name a few product advantages:

• Resistant to chemicals
• GRP and the gel coat layer are solid coloured as compared to painting
• Printing and painting of the GRP is possible
• Easy to handle in the process (sawing, drilling, jet cutting)
• Compared to the sharpness of the edges of steel the risk of injury (cutting) with GRP is much lower (safety)
• High chunking resistance (screws, rivets)
• No breaks or buckling while processing
• Much better thermal insulation than steel
• GRP has a better sound reduction index than steel sheets
• Better environmental balance than other materials
• GRP is (without any special additives) an insulator. So, it adds to the requirement of reefer containers for enhancing efficiency.
• GRP transfers forces only remote
• Repairing possibilities of damages and scratches. Reduced downtime as it is repairable at the site if required
• Consistent quality through continuous production process
• Production width of GRP upto 3.20m
• Qualified for usage in the food industry. Also have HACCP certificated products.
• Moisture resistant & no corrosion

Do you have any expansion plans in India? Do you have R&D activities in India in order to give better quality of the products?

We currently don’t have any expansion plans in India. In India, we have two technical sales offices and one warehouse which cater to the Indian requirements. We do not have any R&D activities in India. But Team India is very much geared up and well equipped with right tools, technical know-how. Most importantly, the team is expertise in repair of GRP which is the need for the hour.

How Large is your Warehouse and where is it located?

We at Lamilux are working on getting closer to our customers. For this, we have relocated our warehouse in India from Delhi to Bhiwandi, near Mumbai. The new warehouse is almost 300 sq m in size and can store more than 20,000 sq m of material which would suffice for building reefer containers on nearly 400-450 trucks, depending on the sizes. All our customers would benefit from this. If any of our customers has a problem, we immediately travel to their site and ensure things are back on track as smoothly and quickly as possible. Our aim is to the deliver the best quality product and backs it up with the most reliable service assistance so that our customers are happy.

What kind of technological innovations would you like to incorporate in your products considering rising global temperature?

Lamilux, as I said earlier, is always innovating and coming up with various new products like AntiBac, High Impact, Lamifoamtex, LamiGraph etc. We also have HACCP approved products which itself is a new benchmark in the industry. We are also working on new products which I am afraid will not be in a position to share details right now but will be an innovation in coming months.

What opportunities would you envisage for your company with the Indian Government’s focus on development of infrastructure & urban transportation projects?

We have a solution which can help overcome all the existing difficulties in cold chain transport. We can change the operational model completely by offering light weight vehicle, more payload, additional space, excellent insulation and perfect temperature maintenance; so that the food products are in ambient temperature for the required time and thereby remain in good condition till they reach the end user. We at Lamilux believe that we can contribute to reduce the wastage of food in India which is about 35% with the GRP solutions we provide.

Has India geared up for GRP body vehicles?

India today is not the same as it was 10-15 years back. People understand the need, their requirements and are willing to change. The thought willingness to change is the first step to change.

India is gearing up for GRP body vehicles and will take some time to change the mindset of people which itself is a big task and yes, we are working very closely with our clients so that they understand what value we bring to them in terms of savings and the ROI they can expect. Our India Technical Sales Team is very much happy to help clients who wish to see the GRP we offer as we believe in the saying “Seeing is believing”.