• Cooling India
  • Feb 15, 2018

Sunit V Tanavade, Managing Director, Belimo Actuators India Pvt Ltd 

Belimo is global market leader in the development, production and marketing of actuator solutions for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Actuators, control valves and sensors make up the company’s core business. Sunit V Tanavade, Managing Director, Belimo Actuators India Pvt Ltd gives a glimpse of the company, industry and products and services with this apt opportunity of interview with Cooling India…

Please take us through the journey of Belimo Actuators in India so far.

So far it has been very exciting. Our India journey dates back to January 2006 when BAIPL started its operations today it is over 12 years. In 2006 we began with offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi, 2011 in Chennai and 2013 in Kolkata. 2011 was a very significant year for us; in order to stay close to our customers we started our state of the art Customising center at Kandivali in Mumbai. Today it is from this Customising center we meet the varying needs of our customers for a country so well known for its diversity. We started our India journey with a very strong footing on the air side products; today we are one of leading brands for water side products. Our products and services are known for its quality, reliability, quick delivery times and for the support we provide.

Looking back at the last twelve years and how BAIPL as a company has grown, we have created a record when it comes to sales volume growth. We strive for mutual success. We are successful when we offer our customers more values.

According to you, what are the trends in cooling industry?

Customers are looking for products/solutions with the latest technology, higher energy efficiency and proven performance. Once these 3 parameters are experienced they endorse your products.

It is these features which has helped us to change the pressure independent valve technology from diaphragm based to the reliable and transparent electronic flow measurement which is gaining more acceptances from the consultants and customers. The award winning Energy Valve 3.0 with the ease of integration, data storage and analytics is making glorious in roads to all customers who want more of smart products.

Energy Valve

What are the products catering to HVAC&R industry? How do you envisage the growth keeping in mind rising need for cooling due to global climate change?

Our complete product range air side products, water side products and the recently introduced sensors are largely designed for the HVAC & R applications. For the past 5 years the industry has grown and the future is brighter. Today most of the damper manufacturers offer our spring return, non-spring return actuators, for the stringent UL555S we have the fire and smoke solutions. Today most of the VAV boxes are fitted with our VAV controls. Contractors prefer to use our CCV on account of the price benefit, globe valves, motorized butterfly valves, EPIV & EV, FCU valves and thermostats are all used as per their requirements. We are envisaging a growth of around 18% and are well equipped to take care of this growing need.

What are the major areas where you are catering to?

CESIM is a companywide methodology approach to improving and developing products and solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations. CESIM ensures Comfort, Energy –saving, Safety and security for people and their property and provides easy Installation and commissioning with reduced Maintenance offering optimum system performance.

Internet of Things – The internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our world. With intelligent cloud connectivity, you can now more easily optimize service and maintain your buildings. We empower our customers in a connected world to do their jobs better, faster and easier. Being market leader is an obligation and a source of motivation. Belimo is the global market leader in the development, production and marketing of actuators solutions for controlling HVAC systems. Actuators, control valves and sensors make up the company’s core business. On the air product side our focus is on OEM’s- damper, fire damper and VAV box manufacturers, for the water side products we work with OEM- PAC, AHU manufacturers, valve manufactures. For the project requirement we deal with contractors and end users who are kept abreast with our products.

Belimo HVAC sensors offer superior reliability, easy installation and seamless integration with major Building Automation Systems. The innovative tool-less housing design allows for quick installation, easy commissioning and provides NEMA4X/IP65 protection.


How competitive and energy efficient are your products as compared to your competitors? Do you have any expansion plans in India?

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through the higher customer benefits of our products and services. Added values for our customers are the measure of our success. Being a responsible corporate we care for the environment; every product developed at BELIMO is viewed from the energy efficiency angle. We were the first ones to introduce the DC brushless motors for the actuators which ensure low power consumption. As all our products are fitted with actuators whose technology we have pioneered, I can confidently say that we are the best when it comes to energy efficiency. We are also committed to the environment. We strive to use our resources sparingly. We are mindful of energy consumption and the environmental impact of our products through their life cycle.

Operational excellence ensures that the products we deliver are top quality, extremely reliable and competitively priced. With our growing business thanks to all our customers who have reposed their faith in us, we have already started looking for a bigger Customisation center; in the next few months we will be moving to our new facility which will have the capacity to handle our business needs for the next 8-10 years. Today we have a representative in Ahmedabad; we will be setting up an office in Ahmedabad in the coming year.

Proximity to customers – Our focus is on our customer’s success. We are committed to customer-oriented thinking and acting, expert advice, availability of products, reliable order processing and accommodating behavior. We work as a team

What is the USP of your products? Do you have R&D activities in India in order to give better quality of the products?

Our product focus is on HVAC systems. Belimo products continue to the efficient fulfilment of basic needs, primarily comfort and security in indoor spaces. We see innovation as one of the most important factor for long term success and technological leadership. Research and development works closely with customers to find innovative approaches and to verify ideas with potential for success. BELIMO has always stood for its quality that is what our products are known for, once our product is installed it gives our customers the peace of mind. That is the reason why most of the OEM’s prefer our products. We have a strong focus on R&D which is based at Hinwil in Switzerland it is our Innovation which has today made us the technology trendsetters in the HVAC industry.


What kind of technological innovations would you like to incorporate in your products considering rising global temperature?

Our recent roll out of products bears testimony that we are making our products smarter, easy to install. At ACREX 2018 you will see how we now plan to revolutionize the way VAV’s work. Our products can be safely and easily accessed making commissioning, installation and troubleshooting easier. Rise in adoption of smartphones for controlling HVAC devices –The use of smartphones is gaining importance in the HVAC equipment industry as it enable consumers to connect to technicians easily and get real time maintenance and support for their systems.

How would you differentiate Indian HVAC markets from the Global markets, while offering your services and products?

Globally the demand for HVAC products is mainly driven by factors such by rising population, revival in the housing markets and increase in consumer income levels in emerging markets, development of reliable energy resources, growing commercial and industrial units among the others. Asia Pacific is leading the global HVAC market mainly because of high demand coming from emerging economies like China, India and South East countries like Indonesia and Thailand among the others

The top two emerging market trend driving Global HVAC equipment market

Rise in incorporation of Building Automation systems – BAS are being incorporated in buildings to enhance operations and interact with HVAC, lighting, Fire and security systems in building.

Renewable energy sources for residential heating hinders the gas boiler demand – Strict environmental regulations will pave the way for the adoption of renewable sources which will lead to a change in the energy mix for residential heating, particularly in Europe


What opportunities would you envisage for your company with the Indian Government’s focus on development of infrastructure like smart cities, urban transportation projects?

The HVAC market in India is set to grow which is mainly driven by the rapid infrastructure development. The growing population combined with government initiatives to promote the “Make in India “concept has heightened manufacturing activities and infrastructure development in the country. The government’s policies has kick started a lot of opportunities with the focus on health care good number of hospitals from the government and private side are coming, education and the need for good institutes have opened up the space for institutes, the purpose of making India a manufacturing hub a lot of players are setting up base in the country and the existing ones have expansion plans, the need for rapid transportation system in another area, IT & ITES, Hotels, Commercial spaces are all areas where we see growth. All these will have their own air conditioning needs which we want to capitalize on.

What are your suggestions to potential clients from HVAC&R industry?

The industry is well poised for growth with many opportunities we need to make sure that we provide a solution which is well proven and reliable. Cost is not a factor which needs to be brought under the lens but technology products need to be rightly promoted that is where you will find us as your partners.

What is the impact of GST on the company’s business in India?

GST was long awaited and we as a company are happy that it is been implemented making the playing field uniform under a single tax head. The road from here looks wider and the prospects brighter.