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  • Aug 15, 2015

On Line Water Descaling Technology 

In addition to the overheating and subsequent failure of the boiler tubes due to scale, efficiency is also decreased in the short-term because of the scale's insulating effect on the heat transfer surfaces...

Gaurang Sharma
D A Suthar 

 The most common reason of overheating and failure of all equipment and boiler tubes is the creation of hard scale on the boiler tube shells. This is caused by calcium and magnesium in the boiler water. When untreated, boiler water is heated, this calcium and magnesium will precipitate from the solution to form hard scale on the tube surfaces.|

     In addition to the overheating and subsequent failure of the boiler tubes due to scale, efficiency is also decreased in the short-term because of the scale's insulating effect on the heat transfer surfaces. A layer of scale just 1/8 inch thick can cause as much as 20-25% loss in efficiency - heat lost up the boiler stack.

     Further, as per instruction of the owner/operator, the auditor should inspect the piping systems for leakage, because any leakage is unacceptable, and should be a cause for concern. All water lost from the system must be replaced by the addition of untreated fresh water.

     This can produce more problems, because fresh water contains a new supply of those scale-causing minerals. The absorption of minerals in the water is referred as the water hardness.
The utmost reason that the loss of hot boiler water is serious is – it increases the humidity in the boiler room, and will contribute to the malfunction and failure of electrical controls, safety devices and other electrical equipment. In addition, the loss of hot boiler water may contribute to outside corrosion of metal surfaces on which the hot water is dripping. Any leakage discovered should be corrected immediately.

     The recommendation to install an Advance E -water descaler in the equipments or boiler's feed water or make-up water system is a good one, even for a boiler not experiencing leakage and scaling. Constant monitoring of water usage may detect otherwise unnoticeable leaking early, so corrective action may be undertaken before any damage occurs.
Another reason to monitor water usage is that high water usage will accelerate scaling when the water has a high mineral concentration (hard water). It's useful to note that the level of water hardness varies throughout the Location and depending on the geographical conditions & chiller, cooling tower and boiler's location, high water usage has been known to result in scaling within a matter of weeks.

Potential applications of Advance E-Water Descaler

  • Dairy Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Paper & Pulp Industries
  • Power Plants 
  • Swimming Pools, Hospital Sterilizers and Many Many Sector of Industries for remove Lime scale from Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Boiler and Chillers.

   Nowadays, energy-auditors and all organisations focus towards energy efficient, EHS complaint, eco-friendly and chemical free technologies to remove lime scale from boiler, heat exchangers, condensers and chillers and many more applications, Now hope is created by young indian innovators from advance –E-Water Descaler treatment with Advance water conditioner.

In contrast to most severe and dangerous lime scale removers ASWD does not contain dangerous chemicals and most powerful technologies available in the markets.

     The consultant or energy auditor is always recommending solutions to Chiller /boiler plant problems discovered during inspections. A common finding is the creation of scale on the waterside heat transfer surfaces of the boiler.

     The consultant or energy auditor usually is not a water treatment expert. But certainly recommend a specific treatment to correct the scaling problem as per their Exposer with Latest Technologies, Now a Days Most of energy auditors focus on eco-friendly, Indian and energy efficient Advance E-Water Descaler Technology to monitor the effects of the recommended treatment.

      In this regard, the proper recommendation is that the services of a reputable Indian E- water treatment manufacturing firm be obtained to advise the owner on the proper treatment of the scaling problem.

Basic step involved for: removing lime scale from heat exchangers, condensers & chillers

     Advance Water Descaler is Microcontroller Based Process – Working on the principle of Faradays law of Electromagnetic Induction (refer www.indiamart/advancemagnetronics/water Descaler.pdf) No corrosion, no chemical, non-toxic, eco-friendly methods in rare cases, however, it can cause short circuit and over voltages problems, particularly in voltage fluctuation areas. So, for electrical safety in most desirable conditions, Keep this instrument away from direct water contact, direct sun light and exposure to direct rain.

Detach apparatus only at the time of installation – fit & forget...

     Remove or segregate the equipment pipe line to be de-scaled or turn of water valve (if any), only at the time of installation or remova (if required). After installing the device, there is no need to detach cooling tower or condenser or chiller later on –because it is an on line water conditioning method. Thus, it saves your off-production (down time), break down maintance time and routine maintenance also. Indirectly , it saves lots of down time, manpower cost, maintenance cost, consumable item costs and no wastage of water.

Circulation through the system

     In order to work effectively water must be circulated through the equipment it cannot be stored anywhere in the sump or tank for more effectiveness of vibrating magnetic field. This may be achieved through pumping machinery already connected to the system or through a pump specifically connected for the purposes of scale removal.Ensure that you have more than sufficient space to install this system and circulate through equipment, including any pumps and pipes. Continuously circulate for 8 to 16 hours to remove calcium and scale while monitoring the system during de-scaling check any filters as scale deposits may come free during the process and cause blockages.

Flush and dispose

     Put drain rust and hard physical substances directly into sewer or waste water system. Flush entire system with fresh water for effective results.

Green point rating

     In this case your organisation also obtains the benefits of 'Green Point Rating' because of No wastage of water or any chemicals used in this system. It improves efficiency and reduces maintenance time. It also saves water. During treatment, we can reuse water for all applications year after year.

     Advance Electronics Water Descaler 'Fit & Forgot' makes you free from replacing filter and use of salt or any chemicals. Owners of the following busineses can take advantage of these innovations (See table).

Experimental analysis

     Water sample taken before the passing through device and following test was carried out as per IS.
Now once again water sample taken after the passing through Advance E-water Descaler and test was carried out in ISO-9001 Certified Lab the following Parameters was change.


  As seen in test report (below) water passing through Advance E-water Descaler, there is significant change in hardness level, that’s why it is the best alternative of hazards, heavy running cost of resin, salt, filters, membranes, chemicals and polluted technologies. It is an eco-friendly technology, maintenance free and energy efficient that improves your water quality, decreases heating time as well as cooling time (indirectly), saves energy bill and capital equipment cost. But it will take 30 to 90 Days to removes old scales.

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